HD Streamz Apk — Download Latest Version (V3.5.33) Free For Android

May 17, 2022
May 17, 2022
HD Streamz Team
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People are interested in watching movies of broad genres. Movies are available on the internet and on different video streaming websites that cost too much. Besides, if you like movies from various sites, you have to register for every website differently. It means that you have to pay monthly bills for every website. But Wait! I will introduce you to an app where you can find a wide range of movies without paying any fees or charges. HD Streamz APK is the app that is available for PC as well as android devices. It will turn your mobile and PC into a television. So, head on to this article to learn the app’s features and downloading process.

HD Streamz Apk

HD Streamz

It is an APK based application that can be utilized for video streaming. This app contains more than 600 channels from all over the world, which means that you can watch TV shows, movies, dramas, and documentaries from across the globe from any corner of the world. To be specific, due to the function of the app, this app can also be referred to as HD Streamz Live TV. It brings TV shows to your mobile and personnel computers. It is an app that gives you HD streams without charging you anything.

HD Streamz App Features 

  • Free of Cost

You can any movie or TV show of your choice without paying anything. Either you are using it on your mobile or PC, it is free of cost, and you can watch unlimited movies and watch one movie multiple times. This app’s edge point is that it is free of charge, and many people download it because of this feature.

  • Easy and User-Friendly Interface

The app’s interface is straightforward to use, and the app is well organized. You will find everything in the place you expect to. You will learn to use the app in one or two tries, and you will understand the working of the app in a short period. 

  • A vast range of Movies of Diversified Genre

This app provides you with a wide range of different genre movies. You do not have to switch to any separate app to find any film, as everything will be on one platform. This app has movies and TV shows from all parts of the world as it covers more than 600 TV channels.

  • Few Advertisements

When apps are free for use, you might have experienced many pop-ups and advertisement that bothers especially while watching a movie. You do not have to worry about pop-ups and advertisements while watching a movie or series in this app’s case.

  • HD Videos

The videos’ quality is the same as streamed on the TV channels from where the videos are shown initially. There will be no compromise on the quality of the app. The app will stream the videos in high quality, and multiple layers also support the app. So you can use the links to play the videos on multi-video players. 

HD Streamz Apk — Download 3.5.33

The downloading process for the app on android devices is just a cup of cake. You have to search the keywords for the app in your internet browser. After that, you will be directed to different websites to show you various links to download the APK file. These types of apps are not available on any application store, so do not bother to find the APK file in any of those.

So after finding the best website for downloading, find the link for downloading the file and click on it. The file will be downloaded to your file manager. After that, you have to allow the installation of unknown sources in your mobile settings. You will find the option to enable the installation for unknown sources in your Android device’s app setting.

Once you have enabled the option, go to file manager and locate the recently downloaded file. Now open the file, and the installation process will start. Follow the steps that are directed by your device. After following the steps, finish the installation process and you are done, go and open the app and watch movies of your choice. 

Download HD Streamz For PC

One of the app’s best features is that it is available for both Android devices and PC. To download the HD Streamz for PC, the process is somehow tricky, but you have to follow the below instructions, and you will successfully install the app on your laptop or PC. 

To download it For PC, you have to utilize any Android Emulator or any Plug-in extension on Google to help in processing Android apps. There are many emulators present on the internet; for instance, you can use Nox Player and BlueStack Emulator to use the app. After that, first, download any emulator and go back to the internet browser and search for the APK file of the app. You will find many sources for download. After that, download the file and locate it on your personal computer. 

Now, open the emulator that you are using; in the emulator, add the app’s recently downloaded file. The emulator will start to install the file on the PC, and after the installation is finished, you are done. Just check if the app is working or not after installation, open the append try searching for a movie and play it. Enjoy a vast range of movies on your PC without any charges. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is HD Streamz APK available on Google Store?

No, this app is not available on Google Store or any other application store. It is available from external sources. You have to search for the app in your internet browser, and you will find a lot of internet sources that provide you with the setup file of the app.

How to install HD Streamz APK on an Android Device?

To install the app first, you have to download the APK file from any external source; after downloading the file, locate the file on your android device. After that, you have to allow the installation of unknown sources in your mobile settings. You will find the option to enable the installation for unknown sources in your Android device’s app setting.
Once you have enabled the option, go to file manager and locate the recently downloaded file. Now open the file, and the installation process will start. Follow the steps that are directed by your device. After following the steps, finish the installation process and you are done, go and open the app and watch your favourite movies.

How to install Streamz HD App on a Laptop or PC?

To install the app on your device first, you have to download an android emulator on your computer. After that, find a setup file for the APK file from any internet source. Locate the downloaded file after the file is download is completed. Now, open the emulator that you are using; in the emulator, add the app’s recently downloaded file.
The emulator will start to install the file on the PC, and after the installation is finished, you are done. Just check if the app is working or not after installation, open the append try searching for a movie and play it. Enjoy a vast range of movies on your PC without any charges.

Is it illegal?

We cannot say that the HD Streamz Online app is illegal as it never shows content as its own. The app never claims the copyrights of the videos streamed on the app. However, it is not allowed to stream the videos outside their original websites.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe; it will never infect your android device or PC. But your data might be shared with third-party apps, so if you feel like your privacy is breaching, you consider utilizing A VPN. It will speed up the working and keep your identity anonymous.

Why am I unable to install HD Streamz Live TV on my android device?

Many reasons can hinder the installation process of the app on your device. The first reason is that the app is not compatible with the android version of the android device we are using. Try downloading an updated version of the HD Streamz Live TV app and try again.

The second reason is the most common one is that you might have blocked installation from unknown sources. Go to your mobile settings, and in the sections of Apps, you will find the option to allow installation from unknown sources just aloe that option. Now, try installing the app. I hope it proved to be helpful.


HD Streamz APK is a video streaming app that is available for PC as well as android devices. If we generally state, this app converts laptops, computers, and android devices into television. This app streams more than 600 channels, and videos and TV shows from these channels are streamed.

The videos are streamed with no compromise on the quality of the videos’ resolution. This app provides you with your favourite movies and television without any charges. So you can enjoy your favourite movies at your home, on your mobile or laptop without paying anything. If you want to watch live IPL 2022 then you should try Thoptv.

ThopTV Pro Apk Download (Latest V48.9.0) Free For Android

May 14, 2022
May 14, 2022
42.5 MB
4.4 and up
ThopTV Team
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ThopTV Pro Apk is a free app that allows its users to watch and stream free TV channels, movies, and tv shows worldwide. Moreover, it provides you with high-quality content that will not disappoint you in any way. The rapid growth and advancement of Information and Communication Technology made Thop TV Pro Apk accessible to watch favorite movies, entertainment channels, sops, Television shows, live sports, and live cricket matches from humankind’s gadgets.

With the advent of digital gadgets, humankind is being very lazy nowadays; they want everything on their Mobile Phones without any charges in one place with one click sitting on their beds or couches. Here, we are introducing ThopTV App For Android phones.

We started with seeking entertainment from bulky box-looking TVs to computers and eventually on to smartphones. With smartphones and the internet, it has become easier for us to catch up with all TV shows, movies, news, and even sports. Thop TV pro apk is one of the best options amongst the medium, which provides free entertainment to the users who intend to get their favorite entertainment options from their PCs, Laptops, or Mobile Phones.

It will not be exaggerated if I say it is the best option for those who are looking for hassle-free entertainment, watch online their favorite Movies, favorite TV Shows, Live Cricket, live actions, Live IPL matches, Live cricket streaming, and many more options free of Cost with single clicks. Since we are not always home to watch the TV sitting on our tables, because life has gotten busy, and people with jobs and studies keep moving around.

Gone are the days when we had to sit in front of the TV waiting for our favorite show or the cricket match we didn’t want to miss! Moreover, apps like the ThopTV Pro apk have become even more convenient for us to walk around with a mini TV in our pockets.  What makes this app so unique and useful is that it has become popular with the general public. Let’s find that out further into this article.

Thoptv Pro App Apk

ThopTV Review

ThopTV is the best platform that provides multiple options to its users. Such as if you are fond of IPL Matches, through it, you can have access to hundreds of IPL Live Streaming tv, live cricket online tv, free live tv, or if you are passionate to watch live cricket sitting on beds or couches from your gadgets at your home, you have to download it on your Mobile and enjoy live cricket matches or live cricket matches from Thop tv live app.

Suppose you have downloaded the Thop tv apk application in your gadget its means that you have chosen the best platform to have access to live cricket streaming, live cricket tv, and many other entertainment options. which let all the users watch free of cost sports, entertainment, movies, live cricket tv, and other television channels. It has a wide range of entertainment options for those people who are looking to download a live tv app for android or a live cricket online tv app once you have downloaded it on your device you will not regret it. 

It is an Indian-origin app. Many of its users are also from India, so it has an immense collection of Indian channels. It also has a fair number of international TV channels in different languages, especially in English. Besides live TV, it also brings TV shows, drama serials, and movies for your non-stop entertainment.

ThopTV Pro:

ThopTV Pro is an app specifically for android; you can stream different live tv channels through it. You can watch live Tv on your phone. Moreover, it enables you to stream dramas, comedy shows, movies, cricket, and much more exciting content from various sources.

Premier leagues like IPL can be live-streamed from around the world. All of these and many more are just on your android device. The variety of options available on this app would certainly blow your mind.

Thop TV Pro App allows you to stream thousands of channels without costing you a single penny, yes, a single penny! A rare thing to hear nowadays, where every other useful site asks for a paid subscription. It is readily available on the internet for free download; drop the keywords on Google, and you’ll get hundreds of sites for its download.

It comes in the form of this fantastic app that runs on your mobile real smoothly. Besides its apk, its package file format can only be used by android operating systems. So it’s literally a gift for all android users. 

Once downloaded, you can enjoy as many shows as you want whether you are looking for your favorite news outlet or the sports TV channel you love; the app is the WAY TO GO.

As we talked about earlier, it comes in the form of an app. You can download it on your android smartphone to enjoy free streaming of more than 1000 channels.

The app can only be downloaded on your smartphone, that’s android, and as long as it supports the app’s build. Moreover, it’s a free app that makes it stand out even more.

It has a very user-friendly interface. Anyone with a little knowledge of smartphones can use this app without any difficulty. Yes, even your grandpa can search his favorite news channel on the ThopTV Pro Apk!! Not only that, it has a variety of radio channels.

ThopTV App Features

ThopTV App is offering a variety of features that make it prestigious among its users. Details of these features are as given below with description: –

  • 4000+ TV CHANNELS

you’d be surprised with the abundance of channels on ThopTV Pro App. It has 4000+ tv channels to offer from all over the world. You can hardly stream 100 media channels on your TV at a time, but then it gives you a free hand to stream anything anytime and anywhere.

  • Newly released movies

Your favorite movie has just been released? No, you don’t have to run to the cinema to watch it. It brings you all the hot releases on your mobile screen. With this app, You are just an internet connection and a click away from the movie you anticipated the whole year.

  • Easy to use interface

What’s the use of an app if it’s not user-friendly. So it makes sure that you don’t have trouble streaming or using the app. It brings you a simple interface with a search button on the top. You can search the keywords there, and it opens up a variety of options for you. Besides that, it has a collection of genres like sports, movies, cartoons, cricket, and news from which you can select the channel that suits you the most.

  • Online web series

Nowadays, people are really into web series that are only available on the internet. The Application brings you all web series, so you don’t miss out on your favorite web series. Many ongoing and aired web series can be streamed on this single platform.


It has instant chat support available. You can ask your question in chat support and get helpful answers without much delay. You can seek help from chat support if you want any issue to resolve you might face while using the app.

  • Premium web series

Another feature that makes the app a success, it provides you with the premium web series that you won’t get to watch unless you pay for them. You can watch all the popular premium web series for free and the cherry on top with HD quality. It has made it so much easier for us to stream anything anytime, possibly. But the list of features doesn’t end here; it has so much more to offer.

  • Free amazon prime originals

Amazon prime is paid a platform and sometimes creates its own content, which is original to it. These shows don’t get displayed in a cinema or TV but only on the website. If you are looking for a tv show that’s an amazon prime original, you can access it on this app. Not just originals but literally anything available on amazon prime can be accessed through Thoptv. This app is like a master key that gives you access to so many platforms without paying anything.

  • Free Netflix series

You can stream all the Netflix content on this application. All Netflix originals are readily available on this platform. You can watch Netflix originals like money heist, and stranger things. You can watch all Netflix originals and all other TV shows, documentaries, and movies available on Netflix in general. With this app, you will never miss your favorite entertainment show again.

  • No adds

Most of us can’t stand advertisements when watching our favorite shows on TV or on the phone. These ads pop up in between and disrupt our activities. But don’t worry, the app gives you the comfort of no ads; trust me on this one!

  • Live cricket channels

It is particularly loved by cricket enthusiasts who wish to watch matches live without buffering or slowing down. It brings you various channels covering sports events and cricket ones, particularly with the IPL in the corner. As a cricket fan, you must be looking for a way to stream the most significant event of cricket. You can easily stream IPL and ICC t20 world cup on this app in HD quality.

  • Free VIU web series

Stream all VIU web series on this platform for free in HD quality. The app has so much to offer; it only makes sense to download it onto your phone.

  • Free of costs

All these features apart, what makes it really special, is that it’s completely free. You can download it for free and use it for free—most aren’t this excellent and accessible for free at the same time.

  • Live TV

Watch live TV on your phone with the best quality possible only with this app. You can stream around 3000 live tv channels. Watch live sports or news channels anytime you want, just with your phone. Dish or cable networks don’t give you as many options as it does without even charging you a single penny.

  • Stunning quality videos

Most of us enjoy watching videos of good quality, and excellent quality makes our experience even better. You can stream anything with good possible quality. Most videos will be available in HD quality. You can choose to change the video quality from 320p to 760p to 1080p.

  • An extensive collection of movies and TV shows

Another feature is that it has abundant content, and you won’t ever get short of options. It has around 3000 plus movies and TV shows to offer. So, you can pick whatever you wish to watch, and you’ll never reach the end.

  • Subtitle and multi-language support

If you are looking for a show that’s not in your language, or it is difficult to understand, you can always bring the subtitle feature to use. Captions are available in a bundle of languages for you to select from.

  • Neat UI and navigation

It has an elegant user interface. You can easily find what you are looking for. The icons and the channels available are nicely enlisted on the main menu, which is the first thing you see when you open up the app.  Besides, it is straightforward to navigate and use.

  • Download and watch offline

It has another exciting feature that enables you to download your favorites and watch them later offline. So now you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection 24/7. Just download when connected to your Wi-Fi and enjoy non-stop entertainment while sitting free in your office or even camping far in a wilderness.

  • Wide Range of Sports Channels

Thop TV presents plenty of options for sports lovers for android and windows for PC users. It enables its users to access the world’s best live tv, live streaming sports channels on which you can watch live matches of Soccer, IPL live cricket, hockey, tennis, baseball, and plenty of other live web-based tv channels or online streaming tv channels or sports channels. 

  • Variety of Multiple Channels

The Thop TV Pro app for Android and Windows can give its users free entry to a platform where they can find multiple options for entertainment. Users can select and watch their favorite daily soaps, action movies, comedy, and other options from a variety of lists.

  • Plenty of Options for Entertainment 

The user through ThopTV app has access to multiple categories of Movies, Dramas, cartoons, music, and many more with one click. 

  • Provision of Free Access

It is providing free of cost access to its user’s world-class entrainment channels, online live cricket tv, live sports channel, and the bulk of movies, dramas, and seasons. 

  • Adding Channel to Favorite List

This app can allow its users whether it’s Thop tv for Windows or an android app to prepare their Favorite List and add multiple channels in the list from where you can get access to these favorite channels. 

  • Android and Windows devices Support

Thop tv apk is popular among its users due to its support for all android gadgets and the Windows operating system. This app is straightforward and compatible with IOS, Windows, and Android users. If you are using these operating systems on your gadgets, you can access the world of entertainment free of Cost with one click on a single platform. 

  • Compatible with Fire Stick

It is also compatible with Fire Stick which gives convenient for Android users to install it on the devices and use it.

  • Adding Subtitle for free

Through Thop tv Pro, you may add subtitles to your favorite movies from any external sources free of Cost.

  • Best Customer Support 24/7 through Chat

If you are Thop TV user and get in trouble while using it, this app allows/enables its users to approach customer support at any time through chat features. It also provides live chat supports to its users for free.

  • User-Friendly Interface

ThopTV Pro has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, which makes this app prominent among other options for its user. All users irrespective of age groups can quickly get access to the Thop TV platform and watch online movies, live cricket, live cricket streaming channels, TV shows, and many more on their gadgets. 

  • Diverse Range of Movies

It provides a diverse range of movies option for its user. If a person only like movies or has time only for movies can choose a diverse range of movies option with a single click sitting at home during leisure time. 

  • Notifications of Favorite Programs

If you have downloaded Thop TV App on your Mobile Phone, laptop or PC, you will get a notification of your favorite genre program, drama, or movie once it’s updated or included in the list.

  • MX Player Supports

It provides MX Player Supports to its user While streaming HD Videos through this App on Android Devices, PCs, or Laptops.

IT provides features mentioned above as well as many other features to its user for free of cost, and these options make the ThopTV app one of the best applications for Android as well as Windows users. If you want to get it now, you can download it from ThopTV download or get it from here by clicking mentioned link.

Download Any Video From Thop TV

You have no restriction over downloading certain content; you can freely download and watch any video you like offline.  That’s a very empowering feature right there.

  • Diversification

The diverse content available on this application is just so unique. Every age group can find something of their interests and can never get bored! It has so many channels in different languages, like English and Hindi, with subtitles provided. So it makes it easier for so many of us to select from the diverse list of content.

  • Live TV channels

Well, live TV channels make Thoptv stand out. It has an extensive collection of Indian TV channels since most of its users are Indian. Besides that, it has a vast array of other live TV channels as well. So, you can stream a lot of live TV channels like JIO tv and others like it.

  • Thop TV Live Cricket

As I mentioned earlier, the app is actively used by cricket enthusiasts. You can stream cricket leagues whenever they are happening right here on this application. Moreover, thop tv live cricket brings you channels that live broadcast IPL; yes, the IPL and ICC t20 world cup is one of the most-watched cricket events ever. You can stream IPL very quickly with good quality and minimum buffering possible. Besides IPL, you can stream any cricket event happening at the time.

  • Security

One thing that concerns us the most when using a third party is safety. It is entirely safe and secure with no malware at all. Besides, it provides virus-free configuration as well.

  • No limits

You can stream as much as you want; it doesn’t limit you to certain content or channels. If you ever find a specific channel not working in your region, you can watch it using VPN anytime. It’s better to use a VPN to stream all the tv channels without any interruption.

  • Drama serials

You can watch all kinds of drama serials you love by streaming the available drama or entertainment channels. Once you start using this app, you won’t miss your favourite TV shows or dramas.

  • Live news

Well, a lot of us love to catch up on current affairs, national or international. We are not always home to watch TV, but with this application, you can catch up and stay updated on all hot news on your way to the office or school. And for that purpose, you can stream from the endless list of live news channels available literally anywhere.

Some sites require you to pay for streaming movies, dramas, and live cricket matches. But when it comes to Thoptv, you can download and stream all of these things for free.

It is relatively easy as we have provided you with the download option, go and tab on the download button. It will get downloaded in a matter of minutes.

After that, you’ll be flooded with options of thousands of live tv channels. But before that, don’t forget to enable unknown sources in your phone’s setting. Otherwise, it might not get installed since it is a third-party app.


Hope you liked and found the article helpful. We tried to cover as much as we could about thop tv Pro Apk. Besides, you can download the app from here since it is totally irresistible to download when you know it has specks of quality features to offer. If you are looking for an app to watch and keep up with the upcoming IPL or ICC t20 world cup then it’s a must-have.

Moreover, if you want a great and free entertainment source, this should be your go-to app. You come to know how useful and fantastic this app is. These features are hard to find in other kinds of apps, especially when there are totally free.

If you do not believe us, then Download ThopTV Pro Apk and see it for yourself. Thank you for visiting our site, and all we hope is that you had fun reading the article and got answers to your question. If you have any issues regarding the app visit its faq page. Please give us your feedback if you feel something is missing; we will be looking forward to it.

Abbasi TV Apk 2022 Download Latest V12.0 For Android

May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022
6.4 MB
Download APK File

Welcome to another article; Abbasi TV Apk is an app for all users who love to stream all the dramas and serial versions. Yes! You heard right; this article is for you. As you all know, many of the users want Turkish dramas in one place.

So this APK file will lead you the right way and help you find all your favorite dramas in a single place. We will also guide you with some of the download tips with the best installation steps so that you do not have to face any issues while handling this application.

Abbasi TV Apk For Android

Abbasi TV:

IPTV protocol has created a huge platform for online TV screening through the simplest and easiest APK file, which is widely known as the Abbasi TV application. The interface of this application is as simple as its name. This also deals with the best drama screening from different countries such as Indian, Pakistani, and a wide range of Turkish dramas.

However, it also deals with the best online streaming of the games session, which you enjoy without facing any difficulty. This application can access different dramas, series, broadcasting news, cartoons, shows, and programs in a different language. Apart from this, you have multiple options for supports, online games, and much more. 

Features Of Abbasi TV App:

Abbasi TV is comprised of the best features, which are highlighted below:

  • You can now watch Hindi and Urdu dramas all under one Application.
  • The radio streaming facility is also available for all users.
  • The APK file we provide you is free of cost and does not demand any registration process
  • The international dramas in English are also included in the latest version.
  • You can now watch movies and search for sports.
  • You will find all the seasons of Ertugrul Ghazi season.
  • For your entertainment, Abbasi manufacturers have added sports, football, and cricket live streaming. 
  • It consists of more than 100 channels.
  • They also offer kids a corner in which they can watch cartoons and games. 

Top streaming categories 

The top provided categories by the manufacturer of Abbasi are as follows:

  • All sessions of Ertugrul and Dirilis Usman
  • News, sports, and cricket channels
  • Free jazz headlines with the best Pakistani channels 
  • International and Hindi channels
  • Cartoon and entertainment channels 
  • Games channels 

Abbasi TV APK Download:

You can now download the Abbasi TV APK for the provided link. this application is provided in the APK file, so there is no need to download it repeatedly. A one-time download is enough, which means you can easily reinstall it whenever you want. So, please do not waste your time and start the downloading process before it gets too late. 

FAQs About Abbasi App:

How can I install the Abbasi APK file on an android device?

To start the installation process, first head to the download section. The go-to your smartphone or android settings and allow the unknown resource option. This option will also you to start with the installation process. Please keep in mind that this permission is mandatory to start with the installation process. 

How many channels are available in the Abbasi TV application?

As we have already discussed, This application is the production for Urdu and Indian drama and serials that means it has all the Indian and Pakistani channels such as ARY QTV, ARY digital, Zindagi, Music, Hum TV, and many more. Moreover, it also deals in Indian channels such as Zee Cinema, Star Plus, Sony Max, Sony TV, Zee Anmol, and many more to go. 

How can I install the Abbasi App on Windows?

You can also download the Application on your windows or PC as well. And if you want to, then the first download from the given section. After the download process is completed, download the Android Emulator on your windows, PC, or laptop wherever you want.
However, we recommend you the best Emulator which has the best working that is Bluestack. Open the emulator, add the downloaded APK file, and there you go. You will see an icon on the screen of your computer that means the process has been ended. These are the simplest way to download the APK file on your computer or windows because all we want is your easiness and entertainment. 

How can I watch live TV on the Abbasi App?

The latest version of the Abbasi app gives you some additional features without any charge, such as the APK comes with the Live Streaming option, and for that, you have to follow some of the steps. First, start with the basic steps that are the download and installation process. Later on, search for the Jazz TV option in the menu option. There you can see the live streaming of multiple shows, sports, and serials. 

Summing up:

As you know, the Abbasi TV is the best streaming APK file operating in the market right now. With the huge demand for Turkish and Pakistani dramas, we have provided you with the best outsourcing APK file through which you can watch whatever you want.

The article has described the best features of APK files as they are solely available for all android devise and smartphones. The content comprised of Urdu and Hindi drama and serial. The best feature is the appealing design and the manufacturer’s efforts, which fetches 24/7 in your service. Thank you for your time and patience. Enjoy your best streaming application which you cannot find anywhere. 

Also check other live-streaming apps such as Thoptv, HD Streamz, and Live Net TV.

Live Net TV Apk Download Latest V4.8.6 Free For Android

May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022
24.2 MB
Team Live NetTV
Download APK File

We have entered the third decade of the 21st century. Almost everything has shifted to our mobile. People of today prefer to have everything on their mobile phones. If you are using an Android phone and want to watch TV on your phone, isn’t it sounding pretty cool? You might be thinking that it is not possible to use your mobile phone as a television, but it is possible and it very much easy to do so. Today I am introducing you to Live Net TV APK; in simple terms, the Live NetTV app turns your android device into a TV.

Live Net TV Apk

Live Net TV Review:

Live Net TV is designed for android devices for those of you who want to enjoy your TV shows on your mobile phones. This app has more than 700 TV channels so just think of any serials search in the app and start watching it.

The TV channels are streams at high-quality standards, as the quality of the videos is not compromised by the creators. In this article, I will share details about Live NetTV 4.7, 4.8, and 4.8.6 Apk download steps.

Live NetTV Features:

  • High-Quality Videos

The quality of the live stream is never compromised. The videos are streamed in the same quality that is on the actual stream of the TV channel. So do not care about the blurred or low-quality videos as nothing like that will happen.

  • More Channels

Live Net TV app offers more than 700 channels online. It means that you can watch more than 700 channels that are streamed on your television but you are watching them on your mobile phone. So you will not miss any of your favorite shows or movie.

  • Seamless Entertainment

Live NetTV Apk app is totally based on the entertainment of its users. You can watch a variety of videos on this app. The channels that are offered by this app are from all over the world that means that you can entertain yourself with TV shows, sports, movies from all over the world.

  • Fewer Advertisements

It helps you enjoy your favorite shows flawlessly. Many apps that are available for the live streaming of TV shows and movies are flooded with advertisements and pop-ups.

If you have opted to download the APK app then you don’t have to worry about any pop-up or advertisements the app will never bother you with advertisements in between watching any favorite show of yours.

  • Compatible with Different Players

Live NetTV 2022 Apk is a trusted app and it provides its user with different secure links for different movies and TV shows. These links can be opened using different video players as well. The video that is attached to the links is compatible with an ample range of video players.

Live Net TV APK Download for Android

To enjoy Live Net TV online shows you have to download them on your android device. It is available in different versions but the download process for the app is the same for all. To download the Live NetTv apk, open the internet browser that you are using on your mobile phone.

After that, search for NetTV Streaming. You will find the most relevant websites on the internet browser that will provide you with the APK setup. After that select a suitable website and download the setup file. Locate the setup file and now the installation process will start.

How To Install Live NetTV App On Android?

When you are done with downloading the Live Net TV APK file, after that you have to open the Settings of your Phone. In the Settings, find the option that is named Apps. In the section of apps you will find an option of Allow installation from Unknown Sources.

Just enable that option and find the APK file you just downloaded. After finding the file, open it. On opening, the installation process will start on its own. Open the app for testing once the installation process is finished.

FAQs About NetTV:

How to install Live NetTV APK?

To install the APK file for the app you first have to download the APK setup file from any internet source. After that, you have to enable Allow installation from Unknown Sources from the settings f your android device. After that, find the APK file you just downloaded. After finding the file, open it. On opening, the installation process will start on its own. Open the app for testing once the installation process is finished.

Is Live NetTV App free?

Yes, it is free of cost and do not charge anything form its users. Its registration free and the live stream of any channel that is available on the app are completely free of cost. You can entertain yourselves without investing a penny.

Is Live Net TV App safe to Download?

Yes, it is safe to download the APK app. It is bug-free and does not require any registration details from its users so no privacy concerns arise here. It only gives safe links to users to watch and enjoy their favourite shows and movies.

Is Live Net TV Apk still working?

Yes, it is working, if you are facing any trouble in using the app, then you might have an outdated version of the app. Try downloading any updated version of the app and enjoy your favorites on your android device.

What channels does NetTV have?

This app has a vast variety of TV channels from many countries like the US, Turkey, Pakistan, and India, etc. Live Net TV app offers more than 700 channels online. The channels that are offered by this app are from all over the world that means that you can entertain yourself with TV shows, sports, movies from all over the world

Which player is best for live NetTV App?

This app provides its user with different secure links for different movies and TV shows. These links can be opened using different video players as well. The video that is attached to the links is compatible with a broad range of video players.

How can I watch live TV without buffering?

If your app is buffering then please check your internet connection as most of the time weak internet connection makes the video buffer. If still the stream is buffering then you can try utilizing a VPN to watch the TV shows through the links provided by the app.


Live Net TV APK for Android is an APK based app that is designed to utilize android devices as television. Most of us prefer to have everything on our mobile phone and even we want to stream TV shows on our mobile.

So, this app is fulfilling that dream of yours as it is bringing you more than 700 channels from all over the world. You can stream any video or TV show on your mobile using the app. This app bug-free and it does not irritate you with pop-ups and advertisements while watching your favorites.

Hope you like other live streaming apps such as ThopTV Pro and HD Streamz.

How To Download & Install Thoptv For Windows 7/8/10

Hello guys! I hope you are in good health. Welcome back to our website! We give you inside of your favorite applications. So why are you waiting? Let us begin. Are you tired of sitting around having nothing to do? Well, guess what? Today’s video is going to be full of surprises. We present you Thoptv for PC Windows 7, 8, 10 with both 32 bit & 64 bit. Thoptv allows you to access millions of videos, tv channels, radio channels, seasons, movies, films, and so on. You can live to stream your favorite sports events like IPL matches and many more.

Thpotv For Windows

How To Download Thoptv For Windows

First, you need to click on the Thoptv download link which is available at the bottom of this page. Today I will tell you how to Thoptv download for windows. it is a fantastic application and you have to install it on your pc. Go to the top of the page and click on Thoptv for pc. This website will appear where you will find all the information about the Thoptv application. Scroll down and go to the bottom of the page.

Here you will find links for downloading the application. Depending on your operating system, select your version of the Thoptv app. My operating system is Windows 10, so I will choose the last link. As I click on the link download will start immediately. The file size is only 50.4 MB. Depending on your connectivity, the download process may take some time.

How To Install Thoptv app on Windows

Once the download process is complete, go to the download folder and click on the downloaded file. Click on the run. A window will appear, as you can see on the screen. Click next and accept all conditions and agreements. Now press the install button. The installation will start immediately. After the process is a complete shortcut of the application will appear on the screen.

Go to your desktop and double click on the Thoptv icon. You have now successfully downloaded and installed the Thoptv application on your system, and you can now watch millions of videos without paying a single penny. You can also download Thoptv apk for Android systems and other versions of windows. Please keep visiting our website to discover excellent applications.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Lets us know what you think about this application. Do not forget to share your friends.

Happy streaming!

ThopTV For MAC OS 2022 Latest V48.9.0 Free Download

May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022
Thopster Athen
Download APK File

Welcome to another latest article. Suppose you are searching for the best TV streaming application and want to watch your favourite show or match live streaming. Look no more because we provide you with the best application around the market. We are serving you the best and exceptional TV streaming app, i.e., ThopTV for MAC. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the play store for our android users, but we have come with an amazing alternative for you guys.

It comes with fascinating and latest features to hand on. However, your search will end up here after reading this article. This article will describe to you plenty of Thoptv App for MAC features along with its download and installation process. 

ThopTV Download For MAC

ThopTV For MAC Review

Thoptv is an innovative and creative step to deliver the best streaming experience to iPhones and users. Initially, it was manufactured to facilitate the android user; later on, many features were added to cater to iPhone users’ needs. Depending on its top-rated Thoptv for MAC review, this step was taken to launch the MAC version.

Through the use of this app, iPhone users to stream their favorite shows on their mobile. All the streamed channel offered by this app is restriction-free. Now, the latest version is comprised of approx. 5000 channels to increase your entertainment and excitement level. 

As already discussed, it is a multi-function app. It means all the videos on the channels are provided in HD quality that will double your excitement as well as an entertainment level. Now, you are free to watch whatever you like, such as your favorite sports, cartoons, TV serials, and movies. Moreover, this operates around the entire globe, so it serves all Hollywood shows along with the Bollywood series to facilitate its all-countries users. And one thing to note is that Thoptv is serving you without even spending a single penny. 

It also provides you with the facility to apply for a new channel along with its various features. Yes! You heard, right. Now, you can easily apply to open your channel after the approval. You have to request on their portal a few times so that the developer can take action in your favor. This feature enhanced the Thoptv for MAC review rate and categorized it as the most demanding app. 


It offers you an HD streaming experience just like you experience in cinema. It is free and requires no hidden fee to download. Thoptv download for MAC provides you with a variety of features, such as:

  • It offers more than 5000 channels to stream on your Mac as well as android devices.
  • This does not contain any pop-up ads during your streaming process.
  • It does not contain any hidden payment to download.
  • It offers a handy and full entertainment app.
  • The app does not involve any restriction to watch.
  • The latest and updated multiple features are included.
  • It offers HD quality videos.
  • It contains more than 3000 movies all across the industries, whether it is Hollywood, Lollywood, or Bollywood. You can enjoy movies according to your preferences.
  • It is highly supported and recommended for all types of smartphones.
  • It provides you with a better audio experience as well.
  • This also contains subtitles for every uploading video on Thoptv.
  • It is also comprised of many other features like Miracast, Fire TV, Android TV, Smart TV, and Amazon TV. 
  • It does not consume much space on your smartphone or Mac. 

ThopTV Download For MAC

After so many offered features by Thoptv, do not waste your time and Download ThopTV for more advanced features. It is recommended and supported by all smartphones, including iPhone, ios, and Android devices. Please don’t waste your precious time finding movies and your favorite channels from different websites because we provide you with all the features under a single roof. Head towards the download section at the end of the article to download this amazing app without spending a single penny.  If you are a PC user then you can download ThopTV For PC. If you are an android user then you can Download Thoptv Apk For your Android device.

Summing up

Thoptv for Mac is a multi-function app. Initially, it was manufactured to facilitate the android user; later on, many features were added to cater to iPhone users’ needs. Now, you are free to watch whatever you like, such as your favorite sports, cartoons, TV serials, and movies. We are serving you the best and exceptional TV streaming app, i.e., 

ThopTV download for Mac. It comes with fascinating and latest features to hand on. It does not contain any pop-up ads during your streaming process. Thoptv contains more than 3000 movies all across the industries, whether it is Hollywood, Lollywood, or Bollywood. You can enjoy movies according to your preferences.

The above mentioned is the complete guide relating to downloading Thop tv on your laptop, PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Follow those instructions to easily download and install this app on your device to enjoy the best content provided by the Thoptv application. Among many features, it also supports live streaming so that you don’t have to wait. It is very reliable and easy to deal with.

So why are you still waiting? Download the app from the given section and spend your leisure time surfing the Thoptv app. We have provided you with all the relevant queries about this application. If you still face any issues, leave a comment about your concern so that we can take action on it. 

ThopTV For PC Free Download (Latest Version) For Windows 11/10/8/7

May 6, 2022
May 6, 2022
Download APK File

Hey guys! Are you tired of sitting around having nothing to do during this hard time of pandemics? Or do you want a PC app where you can have access to millions of videos from all over the world? Well, guess what? Today, we proudly present an entertainment/ Sports Online TV Channel app, “ThopTV For PC”.

A fantastic application has high demand from all age groups who have personnel PC, Windows Phones, or laptops. This app provides you with many entertainment services such as live tv streaming, live cricket matches, any other sports events or cartoons, and many, many more for free. With these services, you can have ample time at your home 24/7 without doing much.

With the advancement of technology, you can have access to thousands of services. Still, it is quite impossible to identify a platform that can satisfy your primary need, fulfil your basic requirements, and ensure your safety and privacy. The official app is one such platform where you can get all of this and many more services with one click. Earlier, this app was available only for android systems, but you can also find the PC version from our site. If you are an android user, then you have to download Thoptv Pro For your android device.

It offers a variety of TV channels from all over the world where you can watch movies and other programs. Furthermore, this app does not require any money or account information; you can watch live-streaming of sports and other shows & programs without any restriction. These features can be the reasons for which why people are going crazy over this app.

It is viral among all age groups and is loved by all. You can easily download it without any fuss. With this, You do not need to surf the internet to find the latest movie or season; you can easily find it from here. This application is viral among all age groups and is loved by all. You can easily download it without any fuss. With this, You do not need to surf the internet to find the latest movie or season; you can easily find it from here. Pikashow for PC is one of the best alternatives.

ThopTV For PC

It is an excellent app that allows its users to stream movies, music, sports events, TV shows, and seasons without spending a single penny. This app provides you with the ability to have a cinema-like experience at home. In addition, it is free from all kinds of malicious software and backdoors.

It was earlier available for only android devices and did not support any other operating system. To use it in on a PC, individuals need first to download an emulator. The process was complicated and time-consuming. Mobile phones and tablets are suitable for use, but for a better quality experience, we suggest you download ThopTV for PC.

It is the best application for your personal use if you are a student or individual who does not have enough money to expend on entertainment and little or no prior tech knowledge. Unlike many other streaming apps asking for accounts, you can find your favourite shows and films with a single go without creating an account. Here, not only you can browse any video, but you can also stream various essential events live from all over the world.

There is a wide range of channels and hence discover regional videos. If you are a fan of Bollywood or want to taste the Indian culture, this app is best for you. Other than Bollywood, you will also find Hollywood, Lollywood, Turkish, and Korean videos. You also have the option to enable subtitles. Who has thought that life would become this easy one day?

You can find all the entertainment on this platform. Although you can see this feature in many streaming apps, then you must compromise on the quality. With this application, you can stream high-quality videos in HD. With this application, you do not have much to do, it is super easy to install, and within seconds you can have access to thousands of videos in every category.

All people love this app irrespective of age groups, whether children, teenagers, or adults. On it, you will find cartoons and animes to boost your imagination and documentaries and movies to learn new things and increase your knowledge. In addition, you can experience adventure, horror, romance, or thriller from your home.

You will find that all videos, regardless of their origin, are highly qualified HD format. It restricts all ads so that you can have a blast of an experience without the need to skip annoying advertisements. You will never get tired of ThopTV; you can have access to multiple occasions on one platform. With this app, you can enjoy movies, series, and short films and listen to your music and radio channels for free. You can find songs from different ethnicities and languages. 

Thoptv for windows is a modified television. Televisions have always been a significant source of entertainment as well as information and have allowed people all over the world to share cultural experiences with others. It also acted as a catalyst for the gain of information and knowledge. It has taken one step further; now, you cannot only have access to regional channels but other channels as well. Even if a particular channel is not allowed in your country, you can access it with only one step;

ThopTv Features For Windows

Let us discover some of its best features:

User-friendly Interface

Even if you are using this app for the first time with no prior tech knowledge, you will find it a piece of cake. With eye smoothening colours and pictures, It is relatively straightforward to use. In addition, you will find appropriate icons of movies, channels, and shows on the home screen and an additional bar marked as ‘live tv’ where you can see live streaming.

100% Secure

The authenticity of an application depends on the website from which you are downloading it. The link that you will find on our site has been thoroughly examined and scanned with anti-malware. Some apps might provide you with your desired request for free, but it is immensely important to ensure that they are legitimate sources and the links they provide are also fair.

No Subscription Fee

Even when you find apps from trusted sources, it is infrequent that they are free of cost. But guess what ThopTV download is entirely free. There are absolutely no restrictions on using this application. You can have lifetime access to shows and videos available on Netflix or others without spending a single penny.

Wide Range Of Channels

As we mentioned earlier, ThopTV for PC Windows is a modified version of television, where you can find a wide range of channels such as cartoon network, Pogo, HBO, FOX, ESPN. These channels can not only be a live stream, but you can also stop and rewind. In addition, access to blocked TV channels is also made possible.

High-Quality visuals

Despite being 100% secure and accessible, its outstanding feature is its picture quality. You will have HD quality visuals, unlike other apps. ThopTV official for PC focuses on providing you with the best of the best. There are zero lag and no loading time.

Videos On-Demand Or VODs

you can access videos without a traditional video playback device and the constraints of a typical static broadcasting schedule. You can even make a list of your favourite shows and videos.


It comes with more than 300 categories of entertainment, Sport, Dramas, Serials, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Web Series, Radio, and many more. You can discover shows from another side of the globe or enjoy a regional drama. You can also enable subtitles for a better experience.

Live Chat Support

Unlike any other app, ThopTV for windows comes with a live chat support system. So in case you are facing some problem or have a general query, you will find help within seconds. This assistance is available 24/7. There is no limit; you can ask as many questions as you like.

Operating System Compatibility

It is compatible with almost all popular operating systems. Windows is not only popular but also a ubiquitous operating system. It is available for Windows 7, 8,10 and supports both 32 bit as well as 64-bit architecture. It is also compatible with other operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, and Ubuntu. Always make sure to download those applications which are compatible with your respective operating system.

Other Compatibility Requirements

Other than operating system requirements, your system must also have a minimum of 2GB RAM and 2GB hard disk free space to download ThopTV for windows. You must also have a proper internet connection.

Thousands of TV channels around the globe

It has more than 3000 channels available. Moreover, it is an app where you can always find something of your find regardless of your age. Here you will find documentaries, news shows, sports events, dramas, movies, cartoons, anime, and many more.   

Download Now, watch later

You can now download any video on your PC, which you can enjoy later. There is no download limit. Download as much as you like if you have the desired memory space. So whether you have to go somewhere or are busy at the moment, worry not because you can download anything anytime.

Incredible UI

Despite providing the best services, an app is useless if it is not user-friendly and easy to use. It gives you an incredible experience. The bright colours bring an exceptionally joyful environment. Everything from icons to text is perfectly understandable. Even a child can access it with ease.

Music channels

There are a lot of music and radio channels available. You can find local as well as international songs from your favourite artists. It is the most appropriate app if you are a music lover or want to experience something new.

Search option

You can search for any show or film by typing the title in the search box or discovering various categories. You can also search for videos while you are streaming.


Thop TV supports almost all operating systems and models of laptop/PC/desktop. You can even connect it with your smart tv. Moreover, there is a live support system available 24/7 where you can clear your query without wasting much time.

How to Download and Install ThopTV on PC Windows?

Are you looking for any site from where you can download the Thoptv App for PC free of Cost, this is the preeminent site that allows you to get the best app’ Thop tv download for PC or laptop’? Here you can get the link to download and details about how to get Thop tv for the PC and install it on your personal computer. Click the below-mentioned link to download or and install it on your personal computer.

After downloading Thop tv app for PC, click on the Thoptv app and install it on your personal computer. Once you have completed the installation process, you now have the best app on your PC from where you can get access to multiple entertainment channels, sports channels, online cricket tv, cartoons channels and many more options depending on your needs and desires. This platform obviously fulfils your needs and gets you in your desirous entertainment option whether you are a sports lover, cricket lover, looking for your favourite dramas, movies, cartoons and anxious about the latest update and score IPL matches.

You can follow the following steps:

  • First, identify the operating system and architecture of your respective system.
  • Select Thop TV for your operating system
  • Click on the download link.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the .exe file.
  • Follow the instructions
  • The installation will complete within a few seconds.
  •  Open the application and start streaming.

Note: Always make sure to download the latest version so

that you can enjoy the app to its fullest.


It is a precious application that is designed so that everyone can have a great time. Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, you will always find something of your interest. You can discover new genres in various categories. Every video is of high quality with little or no lagging. Unlike other apps that keep buffering and waste a lot of your time, it provides the best quality videos in a given framework of time.


Also, many streaming applications charge a lot of fees every month. ThopTV for windows is free despite providing the same services and many more. The videos, dramas, web series, and films that you will find in these apps are the same as the ThopTV app. You can sometimes find those videos which are not even available on these sites. Also, you can live-stream many TV channels, even those that are blocked or restricted in your country.

You must be thinking that there are also video streaming apps where you can find videos for free. But they are not free. Many advertisements keep bothering you while you are watching your favorite shows, and it isn’t very pleasant. Sometimes you need to wait for 15 seconds and sometimes even more. Well, guess what! Unlike other streaming applications, you will not find apps. Hence you can have a great time without worrying about when the next addition will come.


ThopTV for windows gives an extraordinary experience. You can forget this world and enjoy a world full of fantasies where you can be anything, and there will be no one to judge you or pull you down. It is especially useful in this pandemic situation. You must have also been struggling with depression and anxiety as our lives have turned 180 degrees.

Everyone is having a hard time, but with the ThopTV download, you can still have fun at home. It is not only a perfect source of entertainment but also an essential source of information. You can have access to information from all over the world.

You live-stream significant sports events from football to cricket to hockey, and you will find everything. Hence, now you do not have to leave your house to support your team.

You will even get notifications about upcoming sports events. Many people have used this app to stream IPL matches. They said that they had a great time, and the whole experience was out of this world.

unlimited number of videos or songs

Thoptv for PC allows you to browse an unlimited number of videos or songs for an unlimited period. You do not need to have an account to enjoy this application fully. Also, your privacy is ensured to be the highest priority.


There are no significant cons except you might need bigger memory space. Also, as you keep on streaming, the videos might be temporarily added to your cache; This is done so that you would not need to wait for a video to load. However, this might cause your app to stop working suddenly. To ensure that this does not happen to clean your cache from time to time.

Also, when you select a video to watch, you may experience slow buffering; this is because the whole video is being temporarily downloaded to your temporary memory.

Once the videos have been transferred to the cache, the video will start with its average speed. You can also connect your PC to a bigger screen to experience a better picture quality.

This app does not have any significant drawbacks. The most common is that to download a file, you need to buy the premium package. However, there are also other methods to download videos from it, which will be discussed in the following sections.


Another major disadvantage is that because it is very addictive, you may get distracted from study or work. However, entertainment is essential in our lives. They are not only a superb way to kill time but also the best way to smoothen your thinking.

However, everything must be done in balance. Any imbalance might damage us not only mentally but also physically. Make sure to treat yourself when you have done the pending tasks.

As mentioned earlier, there are no significant cons to use it without any fear of breach or anything else.

How to Free Download Videos From ThopTV?

You can download videos from this application with a premium package that you can enjoy later. However, you can also download the app without paying anything. Follow the steps below to download videos for free:

  • Click on the download link from our site and install it accordingly.
  • You will also need Web videocast and IDM.
  • Click on the ThopTV app and find the ‘Broadcast’ icon. Now click it.
  • After clicking on the ‘Broadcast’ icon, you will be redirected to Web videocast.
  • Go to more options and click on three dots and select ‘open in another app’.
  • Now choose ‘IDM’ from the ‘open in another app’ option.
  • Click on the download.
  • Once downloaded, you need to change its format.


ThopTV for PC is an excellent application with a great collection of films, web series, cartoons, sports events, tv shows and many more. This app is super secure and free. You can enjoy every culture, every genre with this app. You can also listen to fantastic music and radio channels from all over the world. If you are having some issues, you can ask for help with the newly designed live support system.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Let us know what you think about this. Also, do not forget to visit our site for more incredible apps.

Happy streaming!

Thop Live pro – Thoptv & Live cricket TV App Download

Live TV streaming apps have become more common these days as they allow you to watch TV shows live on any device; all you need to do is install the app. One such app is the Thoptv application, also known as Thop Live Pro. On this app TV shows and different radio channels on your Android mobile, free of cost.

Thop app can comprise up to 4000 TV channels and 6000 radio channels for you to watch. Due to many shows available free of cost, it is considered a fantastic app for streaming TV shows. Thoptv and Live cricket TV is an entertainment app specially designed for cricket lovers. This app allows you to watch live cricket matches on your Android smartphones in your favorite language you want, including English, Hindi, and Tamil, etc.

Apart from cricket match streaming, this app also streams TV channels from around the world, and you will be able to find any particular TV channel in this app. Thoptv Live pro enables you to view your shows in HD and full colors without any distortion. It also comes with a Thop TV guide for new users to understand how this works and how to use it on their smartphones.   

Guide for Thoptv & live cricket TV 

Many Thop TV guide apps have been developed for users who provide all the necessary guidance on using Thop Live Pro on your Android phones. These guide apps offer an easy way to watch all your favorite shows, whether it be a cricket match, TV shows, movies, other sports, or serials for free by Thoptv and live cricket TV app.

Thop TV guide 2020 and Thop Live Cricket IPL 2021 TV Guide are informative apps that provide detailed instructions on using Thoptv LIVE pro freely and safely on your mobile phones anywhere and anytime. This guide is compatible with both Android smartphones and Apple derives. Guide for Thoptv and Live cricket TV will give you instructions for:

  • How to download the Thoptv app.
  • How to watch different channels live.
  • Get access to all functions of Thoptv Apk.
  • How to watch TV shows and cricket matches online.
  • Latest features of Thoptv 2021. 
  • How to download Thoptv on Android and IOS devices. 
  • How to stream Thoptv IPL live match Hindi. 
  • Benefits of using Thop live cricket IPL 2021 free guide. 
  • How you can retrieve newly released movies and shows or a list of upcoming movies from Thop Live cricket TV free IPL 2021. 

Thop Live Pro

If you have a hobby of watching live TV shows, events, and radio channels, then Thop live pro app is the best choice for you. Thoptv Live pro provides around 4000 TV channels that include channels for movies, serials, sports, Bollywood, and Hollywood. It also streams around 6000 radio channels from around the world. 

This app is known for delivering a variety of shows in full colors and HD quality that can range from 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4k and has the fastest server so that you can watch your shows without any distortion and interruption. It also allows you to download certain shows and movies and watch them later, giving you an offline function.

Thop Live TV APK

Thop live TV APK is yet one of the best apps to watch and stream live IPL cricket matches and many other shows on TV. Thoptv IPL lives APK TV is trending these days as it also allows you to stream premium content that is usually not freely available on other websites and the internet.

Thop Live TV APK will provide you access to millions of shows, serials, movies, sports, and events and enable you to download them to watch offline. Another feature of Thop live TV APK is that you can also chat and share reviews on the comment and review section with other users and the Thoptv team to consult. In short, you can get anything you think about watching on this app.

Thop Live TV App

The best thing about the Thop Live TV App is that it has a feature of Thop live TV channel. Anyone can easily watch IPL live cricket matches and shows on their smartphones free of cost. The app also performs very well and streams without any distortion.

However, if the Thoptv app comes across an issue, it can be due to load on the server, but it’s nothing to worry about since the Thoptv team quickly fixes any reported issue within an hour. Download the latest version of Thoptv Live pro from our website, and you can start enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Thoptv Live Pro

Are you a cricket fan, and you cannot watch the live match because you are traveling? Here’s the best solution for you to watch live cricket matches on your mobile phones also, so you don’t need to worry about missing your favorite cricket match just because you aren’t home.

Thoptv Live pro will stream live cricket sports TV channels or any sports channel you want and allow you to watch live cricket matches anywhere. This application has been specially designed for cricket lovers so that they can stay updated about contests regardless of where they are.

Features Live Cricket TV App

It has many basic to advanced features worth knowing.

  • The content in Thop TV live app updates automatically and regularly so that you can easily stream new shows. 
  • This app has an in-built player that enables you to play any show or video quickly. 
  • Thoptv also works with third-party players like VLC.
  • All the shows and movies in this app have subtitles already present.
  • The content is divided into various categories to find your chosen genre, making it easy for you to search.
  • This app also has a smart search option where you can write the show’s name, and it will find it for you. 
  • Though this app also contains advertisements, these ads are not too long and very few so that you won’t be bothered by them. 
  • This app is user-friendly, and anyone can easily use this app. 
  • This app does not require any registration process or login id, so you don’t need to share any personal information. 
  • You can also download your favorite shows and watch them offline. 

Thoptv Live Match App Download

Since the Thoptv Live pro app is not available on the play store, you will need to download it from Thoptv’s official website. You can follow the  steps given below to download this app on your Android device:

  1. Visit Thoptv’s official website by searching on google.
  2. You will see a ‘Start Download’ button; click on it to download the file.
  3. After the file is downloaded, go to File Manager and install it from the file setup.
  4. Then go to settings and click on the ‘allow from this source’ button.
  5. now, you can open the app and use it.

App Details

Offered ByFollowers Likes44
Requires Android4.4 and up
License Free
Uploaded ByThoptv app apk
Published DateMay 9, 2021
Latest Version8

Thoptv Live pro V8 Download

FAQs About Thop live Cricket TV  App

What is Thop Live Pro TV?

Thop Live pro TV is an app that allows you to watch TV shows and different radio channels on your Android mobile, which is also free of cost. This app can comprise up to 4000 TV channels and 6000 radio channels for you to watch.

Does the Thoptv app stream IPL 2021 free of cost?

Yes. Thoptv app is free of cost, and you can watch live IPL 2021 and download shows without any charges.

How does Thoptv Live IPL version work?

A private company develops Thoptv Live IPL. This company delivers you premium content by using their server, and you will not need to include any additional services or do any registration.

Does Thoptv stream live TV shows and channels? 

Yes. Thoptv allows you to watch live shows on any TV channel you like for free.

How to Install Thoptv Live TV APK?

Step 1: 
Visit Thoptv’s official website by searching on google.
Step 2: 
You will see a ‘Start Download’ button; click on it to download the file.
Step 3: 
After the file is downloaded, go to File Manager and install it from the file setup. 
Step 4: 
Then go to settings and click on the ‘allow from this source’ button. 
Step 5: 
Now, you can open the app and use it. 

Can you download the Thoptv app on IOS and iPhones directly?

Although you cannot install the Thoptv directly on your iPhone, you can get this app by installing Bluestack on your operating system and then install Thoptv On Mac.

Is Thoptv Live pro cricket TV app safe to use? 

Yes. Thop TV is a secure app. It also doesn’t require any registration or personal information, so you don’t need to worry about anything as it is safe to use.


Thop LIVE pro app enables you to watch TV shows and different radio channels on your Android mobile, free of cost. This app comprises up to 4000 TV channels and 6000 radio channels for you to watch. Various shows are available free of charge, and it is considered a fantastic app for streaming TV shows.

This app also allows you to watch live cricket matches on your Android smartphones in your favorite language you want, including English, Hindi, and Tamil, etc. This app is known for delivering a variety of shows in full colors, and HD quality can range from 720p, 1080p, 2k, and 4k and has the fastest server so that you can watch your shows without any distortion and interruption.

It also allows you to download certain shows and movies and watch them later, giving you an offline function. If you don’t want to miss your favorite shows and cricket matches while traveling or not at home, go and download this application.

Geo Super (Live Cricket Streaming) Apk 2021 Download

Geo Super Live Apk

As we all know, PSL has started, and everyone is excited about watching cricket. This article will tell you about a super exciting app that you can use to live stream cricket on your android device. Who does not want to watch PSL, IPL, or any other Pakistan match, especially the T20 series, one-day series, and test series of Pakistan? If you are a cricket fan and want to watch live games, you should install Geo Super Live APK on your Device.

Geo Super (Live Cricket) APK

Geo Super is one of Pakistani’s best sports channels and live streams almost every match of PSL. This APK app is designed for android in such a way that you can watch all the matches that are streamed on Geo Super. Geo Super Live APK is compatible with android devices, and it is supported by any android device like Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia, etc. If you want to watch IPL on your android or PC then you have to download

Thoptv Apk For Android

Thoptv For PC

Features Of Geo Super (Live Cricket Streaming)

No registration

One of this app’s best features is that it does not ask for registration when you install it. Many apps require Google or any other registration when you use it for the first time, but it does not require any. 

Recorded Shows

The other important feature of this app is that it saves the matches as well. The live stream is held in the app, and you can watch the recorded games as well. You watch live cricket as well as recorded ones. 

Highlight Match Alerts 

The app also shows alerts about the match when you cannot watch the game. It shows the highlights of the wickets, runs, run rate, etc., which helps to enjoy the game even if you cannot watch the match. The essential function is to bring you Geo super live streaming.

High-Quality Video

The app allows you to watch the videos in HD, the same experience as watching the match on Geo Super. You will face no glitches with fast internet.

Commentary Available

Not only video, but you will also be able to hear the whole match’s commentary. It is broadcasting content available on Geo super, so it is a live cricket streaming app.

Download Geo Super Live APK

This APK file is available for android devices and well as for personal computers. It is supported by android version 4.1 and above. 

First, to download the APK file, make sure to turn on the installation process for Unknown sources in your device.

  • To enable the option for unknown sources.
  • Go to your Settings. 
  • In the options of settings, you will find an option named Apps.  
  • Navigate that option and in that option.
  • Scroll down and find the option for Special Access. 
  • In that section, you will find an option that says Install Unknown Apps. 
  • Enable that option, and you are done.

Now, you have to search for the APK file of the app. Just write the file’s keyword, and you will find the APK file from different internet sources. After seeing the internet’s file, go ahead and just download it. If you have a fast internet connection, it will take no time to download. After the download location, the file on your device and open it.

Since you already enabled the unknown sources option, your device will not trouble you during the installation. Once the installation is complete, wait for a while and opens the installed app. And you are done with the installation process; know to enjoy the live stream of cricket from Geo Super on your mobile phone. 

App Details

Developer Interlink Multi Media – Jang Media Group
Get It OnGoogle Play
Category Sports, Entertainment
Requires Android 4.1 and up
License Free
Uploaded By Thoptv Apk
Published DateMarch 01, 2021
Latest Version22

Download Apk

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Why am I unable to install Geo Super Live APK on my device?

Many reasons can cause trouble while installing the app. The first and the most common reason is that you have Unable the option for Install Unknown Apps. Go to your settings and confirm if it is enabled or not. The second reason can be weak internet access. Try checking your connectivity issues. The third reason can b that your Android version is not compatible with the app, so try upgrading your software or download any updated version of the APK filewhy i am unable to install Geo Super apk

Is Geo Super (Live Cricket Streaming) Apk Safe?

Yes, it is safe for you the app, and you can download the app without any fear of privacy concerns. But please note that do not forget to read reviews and other stuff on the internet source from where you are downloading the appGeo Super (Live Cricket Streaming) Apk Safe

Why is live stream buffering in Geo Super Live App?

The live stream of cricket might buffer due to many reasons. Try checking your internet connection, and if your internet connection is fast, the issue might be with the storage of your device. Try clearing the cache of the app and restart the app. If these fixes are not helpful, then consider reinstalling the app.Why is live stream buffering in Geo Super Live App

Does Geo Super watch live cricket charge money to watch movies?

No, it does not charge you any money for watching live matches. You can stream and watch the highlights of the recorded matches; later on, everything is free of cost.Geo Super Live Apk

How to download Geo Super APK for my android device?

It is super easy to download the APK file. Just search the app’s keywords, and you will find many links to download the app’s AK file, try searching for a reliable file, and once you are done finding one, then download the file. After downloading the file, start the installation process.


Geo Super Live APK is a live video streaming app designed to stream the live videos of Geo Super on your Android device. Using this APK file, you can live stream cricket, and many other sports streamed by Geo Super. Since it is the PSL season, take no time to download the app and enjoy watching cricket on your device in your hands. It cost you nothing to live stream or register into the app so enjoy watching sports without any hassle. 

GTV Live Cricket Streaming Apk Download For Android

Gtv Live Apk For Android

The word APK stands for Android Package Kit, and its working is similar to that of .exe on the Windows operating system. Today, I will share an exciting APK app for your Android device that you can use to watch sports news and matches. GTV Live APK for Android is an APK app that is designed for the live streaming of sports matches. This application is specifically designed for Cricket lover.

GTV Live APK for Android

GTV Sports is a world-known sports channel, and GTV Sports APK is an APK based app for android devices to stream live sports matches that are streamed on the GTV Sports channel. As of today, PSL has started in Pakistan so that you can utilize GTV APK for the live streaming of cricket as well. This article will show you the steps of downloading a live sports TV app APK file for GTV live. 

Gtv Live Streaming Features

Live Stream 

This app will live stream every match that is broadcasted at the Ghazi TV in your hands. I mean that you have to download the app, and you get access to watch GTV live matches on your device, for example, cricket matches, football matches, etc. 

High Quality

The app does not compromise the quality of the live stream. It will show you the video in the same quality that is streamed on the actual channel of Ghazi TV. 

Supported by multiple versions of Android

This app is compatible with multiple types of android versions. The updated APK file is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above. 

No Pop-ups

While watching and enjoying the match, the app will never bother you with the advertisements and pop-ups. The chances of pop-ups are more likely at the start of the app when you launch it, but once you start streaming the match, no pop-ups will be there. 

Free of Cost and Free of Bugs

You might think that this app is charging no money; it means that you are compromising your privacy. No, it is not like that; this app never asks for any registration, and it never infects your device with bugs. 

Gtv Live Cricket Apk Download

  • Step 1

The first step of installing the app is to download the app’s APK file. You will find the APK file of the app from any internet source. Just search the append keywords you will be directed to download the link of the APK file of the app.

  • Step 2

The second step is enabling your phone to install third-party apps. For that purpose, you have to click on your mobile phone’s Settings. After that, I got to the option of Apps. In that option, you will find different options. On that screen, check the option of Allow Unknown Sources. 

Remember that if you have Android 8.0 or above, check the Global Settings option. You will find the check of allowing installation from unknown sources in that option. 

  • Step 3

You will need to locate and find the PK file you just downloaded. You will find the file that you downloaded in your file manager most possibly. IF you cannot find the file, you can search for it in different storage folders of your device. 

  • Step 4

After locating the file, just open the file, and the installation process will be started on its own. All you have to do is follow the recommended steps by your android device. 

  • Step 5

You are done downloading and installing the application on your phone so open the app and enjoy an HD live stream of different matches. 

App details

Developer Live Sports BD
category Entertainment
Requires android 4.1 and up
license free
uploaded ByThoptv APP
published dateMay 31, 2021
latest version1.1

Download Apk


How to watch GTV live?

GTV is a Bangladeshi channel that you can watch on your TV. If you want to watch it live on your android devices, then you need to download the APK file of the GTV Live. Many internet resources provide the APK file for the app. Just search for it on your browser, and you will be directed to a different link that will provide you with the respective file. Just download and then install the file on your mobile, and you will be able to live stream sports from the app.

How to download GTV Live APK on Android?

It is easy to download the APK on your android device. Remember that these apps are not available on Google Store, so do not waste your time searching for the app on the Google Store. The setup files for the app are available on different websites. Choose any reliable website and download the setup. After that in the Settings of your phone enables Allow Install’s option from Unknown Sources; now, no hindrance will be caused in the installation process. After that, locate the file on your phone and open it. It will start installing automatically, open the app, and stream live videos once the installation is completed.

How to use GTV Live streaming Apk to watch live cricket?

As I have said in the article, GTV APK is designed for watching the Bangladeshi channel Ghazi TV live. So, whenever any cricket match is live streaming on the channel, you will watch the cricket matches on your android phone. 

Why am I unable to install the GTV Live HD Apk on my android device?

There can be two reasons that may hinder you from downloading or installing the APK file. The first reason is the APK file you are downloaded might be out-dated and is not supported by your OS version. So try downloading any updated version of the APK. The second reason is pretty common that you might have blocked the installation of unknown internet sources in your device. Just check in Settings and enable downloads from unknown sources. 

Is GTV Live Cricket App safe?

Yes, the APK will never infect your phone with viruses or anything. It is free of cost and does not even registration from the users. 

How to use GTV Live APK?

If you have installed the APK and confused that you do not know how to use it, don’t worry. It is simple to use the app. Once you open the app, it does not require any registration or identification from your side. It just asks you to select a source website from which you can stream live matches.


GTV Live APK is an APK app designed to watch Ghazi TV on Android devices. It is compatible with a vast range of Android versions. You can live stream matches of different sports like football, cricket, etc., using this app. It brings the whole GTV to your mobile, as today’s generation prefers to have everything on their mobile. Downloading the APK app is very easy as it is easily available on the internet. More, it streams the live video by charging a single penny from its users, which means that it provides free entertainment to its users.